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Posted on July 22nd, 2019

Chloe – what are your red lines, your boundaries.  What’s a definite no at work that will preserve the balance you want

Sue – give yourself a break when perfect does not happen despite all the planning!

Nicola – getting out the door in the mornings can be hard, do as much as you can the night before

Marie – your child is likely to catch bugs at nursery, if you can get some nursery sessions out of the way before you return, it helps with building immunity but also your routine and their comfort.

Claire – if your child is sick, who is the nursery going to call and if workable, share this load too

Juliet – We have always had the “Sunday night summit” – both of us sat round the table with phones and the big family diary, planning 3-4 weeks out ahead.

Juliet – Deal with post/admin once a week, in front of a laptop so you can pay bills at the same time. Keep a stock of stamps and envelopes to hand too.

Juliet – Buy a stack of cheap PE bags and pack kits for swimming, beavers, football, ballet etc. One in each bag at the weekend so you can just grab and go when you have an activity.

Claire – Meal planning and batch cooking can really help when you Lynne – Share the mental/domestic load.  Literally as far as a sheet of paper with 2 columns, one for you, one for your partner.  Then divide up everything that needs doing in the home.  Getting this agreed in advance, will avoid resentment or one of you getting overloaded.

Meg – Get yourself a planner on the wall/shared app on your phone, with all the kids things each day so everyone knows who needs what when. 

have no energy left to cook!

Tracy – Look after your own health and well-being, if you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after everyone else!

Jane – Birthdays, buy cards and presents ahead of time for family birthdays etc buy some generic ones for children’s birthday party gifts and keep in a drawer with a stack of cards, paper etc.

Heather – Good childcare provision definitely makes the return to work more manageable.

Dottie – plan on every now and again to take a little extra time at drop off or pick up to sit and play with your wee one in the nursery. You’ll get a great insight into their favourite things and people and they will be super excited to show their ‘independence’…and it makes any work nonsense melt away. 

Cara – Subcontract!!! Get a cleaner, shop online, make the tedious stuff as efficient as possible so that any free time is yours with the family.

Caroline –   don’t be overwhelmed by this list. Most of us I am sure will admit to completely winging the return and adjusting as we went.


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