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Posted on August 20th, 2019

What advice would I give my 21yr old self?

Tracy: It’s a bit of a cliché but believe your own worth 💖

Gillian: Comparison is the thief of joy

Carolyn: Hold your head up and believe that you have a place at the table/in the conversation.  Don’t hold back (on contributing, on stepping up for a role or opportunity) because you don’t think you’re ready. Give it a go,

Katie: Always stand up for what you believe in, even if it seems impossible, it always works out x

Anna: Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Sometimes things won’t be what you thought they’d be. Even if you’ve invested a lot of time and effort don’t be afraid to admit it wasn’t the right choice and start afresh with something else – especially in your twenties when you have so much time ahead of you!

Rachel: You are enough.

Joanne: Fake it till you Make it, works wonders and gives you unfound confidence. 

Heather: Take up space!

Sara: Work hard but remember you can always change your path.

Sharon: Take more time to enjoy the here and now. Live in the moment. You are not responsible for anything but yourself.   

Ella: Be proactive in developing your career – always have an eye on what skills you need to develop to move onto the next thing and don’t stay in the same job too long if you’re not getting anything out of it

Caroline: how it feels to remove the word “just” from your vocabulary. It’s powerful how differently you’ll show up.

Hannah: No is a complete sentence

Louise: Always retain financial independence in relationships.

Lisa: Don’t be in a rush. There’s plenty of time. Find out what fuels your fire and trust your instincts. Explore the world. Make mistakes and be ok with learning from them.

Rachel: Chase your dream, it may seem out of reach but if you stretch yourself you may surprise yourself and achieve it. Always aim high!

Tamsin: It’s a long game – be patient.

Sam: You are better than you think and you WILL make it happen Sarah: Travel and seek out opportunities where you find them. My best jobs were always those that I found through meeting people.


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